Feed your mind, body & soul.



Less equipment, more you.

Everyone is welcome to join the Fitness + Adventure Club. Whether you consider yourself 70 years young or 20 years old, wanting to lose weight, new to fitness, or just wanting to be more active, you found the right group! Classes change on a daily basis and are a fusion drawing from yoga, mat pilates, kickboxing, bootcamp, bodyweight training, cardio, and meditation to increase flexibility, tone the body, build coordination and balance, and clear the mind. Each class finishes with a tea ceremony/meditation to bring you back to center.

We are a body positive, all-inclusive club with an emphasis on meeting you where you are at and guiding you toward where you wish to go. Workouts are designed to allow you to participate in the fashion that best suits you. That's why we focus on bodyweight exercises to allow all participants to engage in each movement without risking their safety or compromising form.


Two weekends out of every month we go on a new adventure chosen by each of you. Since everyone has their own idea of fun, adventures are split into two categories: "hares" and "turtles". Whether you're feeling more introspective or in need of an adrenaline rush, you can sign-up for any event that's right for you. See our upcoming events below: