I haven't worked out in awhile. Can I do this?

Of course! We pride ourselves on being a body positive club and we will meet you at whatever fitness level you are at. Exercises are taught in stages from simple to complex to allow for all levels of fitness to find the right difficulty for them. We don't use any complex equipment so you don't have to worry about learning a whole new technique. Classes are taught on time (rather than repetition) intervals so you don't have to keep to a certain count or pace and you can take a break whenever you need it. I won't yell at you or look at you funny, I promise! Just go at a speed that is comfortable for you. This class is all about finding what is right for you! 

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a mat, a towel (if you think you’ll need one), a hair tie (if necessary) and a water bottle. We have a few mats, but they are limited so we encourage you to bring their own. This is because we often do classes outside and it is impossible for us to carry mats  for everyone.

Where do I register for class?

No need to register. Just come on by and sign in when you get here. Registration is first-come, first-served. 

Do you have showers/changing rooms?

Classes are held at multiple locations and outside during the summer. Each facility has its own amenities. See below for details:

Yoga on Yamhill: Changing rooms, bathrooms, no showers

Point Gym: Changing room, bathroom, no showers

South Waterfront Park: Changing room, bathroom, no showers 


Classes are held at multiple locations and outside during the summer. Each facility has street parking. 



The Fitness + Adventure Club inspires you to get up and get out with friends. Fitness deserves to go beyond the gym. Explore with us!

Whether it's switching up our daily workouts, taking class outside, or going on a new adventure, we enjoy changing the routine. That's why we rarely do the same thing twice. 

The Fitness:

Fitness classes utilize yoga, pilates, kickboxing, cardio, bodyweight training, strength, flexibility, and meditation to give you your daily dose of mind + body training and relaxation. Every class is designed to meet you at your level of fitness so don't be shy. We pride ourselves on being a body positive group where anyone can get a great workout. For this reason, classes use minimal equipment for simplicity and safety. Each class is followed by tea ceremony/meditation to bring you back to center. 

The  Adventure:

While fitness classes can feed the body and mind, adventure feeds the soul. Too often we regret what we did not do. The Fitness + Adventure Club takes away all excuses. Not only do you have a core group of friends to go with now, but we also do all the planning for you so all you need to do is show up! 

Adventures are chosen by the group, for the group. We do adventures every other week (usually on the weekends) based on what you would like to try next. Because everyone has different ideas of fun, we try to split events into 1 "hare" adventure and 1 "turtle" adventure. Whether you want to try sky diving or a silent yoga retreat we will make it happen!