Hares: Hash Run

  • Spaceroom Lounge 4800 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, OR, 97215 United States

Let's go for a "fun" run with Portland's Hash House Harriers, the running club with a drinking problem, or the drinking club with a running problem, whatever makes you feel better. Some people walk, some run, everyone laughs and tries to decode the trail to catch the hares before they drink all the beer!

Cost: $5 (cash only) + some if you decide to go out with the gang after the on-on or drink beforehand.

For anyone who wishes to carpool, contact me to inquire about space. 

Disclaimer: Hash run groups are known for being vulgar and lewd. It is a boisterous, laughing good time with people of all walks of life. Leave the judgements at the starting line and keep an open mind and you'll be just fine!